The most commonly asked question we get as is will collagen supplements tighten skin.

The answer to this question is an absolute yes there are several reasons why collagen actually helps to tighten skin as well as reduce wrinkles.

Now to get to the heart of the matter the reason why our skin starts to sag can depend on several different things for example if you were once fat but then lost a lot of weight this will inherently lead to saggy skin. If this is the case, then all you would really have to do is just exercise which will help tighten the skin combined with taking a collagen peptide supplement such as Skinade.

Now if you’re noticing loose skin due to age the main reason why this happens is due to our bodies producing less collagen as we get older. Studies show that by the age of 20 we lose precisely 1% of collagen every single year. So that means that someone is in their 40s will be producing 20% less collagen than when they were in their 20s. This is absolutely normal and this is why everyone be it male or female needs to take a collagen supplements to restore those nutrients that we no longer produce.

Why Is It Important to Skin Tightening?

As we get older and our body starts producing less collagen one of the side effects is decrease in muscle mass which is the culprit when it comes to sagging skin. When you take a collagen supplement religiously what ends up happening is a starts rebuilding the muscle mass which will lead to a more tone and tightened skin. The name of the game when it comes to collagen is about consistency, you don’t want to just take it for a week and just stop like most people do because you’ll fail to see the results in the long run. The reason why it’s called a supplement is due to the fact that it completes or enhances your current collagen levels which essentially means that this is something that you’re going to have to take forever.

Now the great thing about having to take collagen every single day is due to the fact that it will not only help you tighten your skin, it will also lead to you developing less health problems in the long run. Almost all of our organs within our body is made out of collagen and if your body is no longer producing enough collagen and you’re not supplementing the missing collagen this will inevitably lead to health problems further down the line.

From example, your hair, skin, nails, bones, lungs, heart, muscle tissue etc… are all made out of/contain collagen fibers. As a matter of fact, there is a direct link with people who have osteoporosis and arthritis and the lack of collagen that they have in their bodies. Study shows that patients who ingested Type II collagen religiously alleviated almost all negative symptoms associated with these diseases some of which got rid of them all together.

So no matter if you’re taking collagen just to tighten up your skin or just for overall health reasons it’s something that everyone needs to take no matter what your gender is be it male or female.

Which is The Best Brand of Collagen to Take?

As far as what is the best brand of collagen to take for skin tightening, I would say that there is no better brand than Skinade. They have truly perfected their formula which has been clinically proven to be effective but not only that it’s 100% natural. They have been reviewed by over 100+ magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vouge, etc… all of which had only positive things to say about it. As a matter of fact, here is a link to an article from one of Huffington’s writers took the 30-day challenge to see how well the Skinade brand of collagen would impact her skin, the results speak for themselves:

Thus far they are the only collagen supplement company that I’ve witnessed to actually have their clinical studies published on the website. Most companies avoid publishing their clinical studies because it would disprove some of their claims. Skinade’s clinical studies actually back up their claims 100% and not only that but they have won more awards than any other collagen product on the market. In one of their clinical studies a 42-year-old woman showed a 46% increase in collagen density, that alone should speak multitudes on the effectiveness of this product. Skinade has also been voted as having the best tasting collagen product on the market with their blend of mangosteen and peach, you won’t find a better tasting product out there. This product is also safe for diabetics unlike most collagen products on the market.

Some of The Cons of Skinade

Now one thing I must say is that it is a bit more expensive than the other brands of collagen that you might find online or in stores. But like the age old saying goes you get what you pay for and no other collagen manufacturer has more credibility than skinade. Their product simply works and it works damn well. The product does contain collagen for Marine base sources so that means that it’s not vegetarian friendly but it is pescatarian friendly.

To Sum Things Up

Collagen supplements does more than tighten your skin, it keeps your overall body youthful from the inside out which is the epitome of beauty.