Another valid way (even though I don’t personally recommend) for you to tighten your skin is to have collagen injections done. Collagen injections are very similar to Botox in that it actually helps fill the sagging and wrinkly areas with collagen which makes the affected area look more plump. But as you know just like with everything there are potential side effects when it comes to any surgical procedure.

Despite the fact that collagen is naturally produced by our bodies the type of collagen that you usually see in surgical procedures are generally synthetic in nature. It really depends on the surgeon and their methodology and that something you should discuss with them.

Now the reason why I personally don’t recommend people get collagen injection is due to the fact that there is no telling how your body is going to react to the collagen that the surgeon is injecting into you. It is possible for your immune system to start attacking the newly injected collagen if sees it as foreign objects and this is why it’s recommend that people with auto immune disease avoid these type or procedures.

When you’re using collagen supplements, you’re essentially drinking the collagen and your body then does its job by allocating the collagen to the needed areas. The collagen that you get from supplements originate from organic sources like fish and cows.

When it comes to having collagen injections, where that collagen goes is solely at the discretion of the doctor (which I’m sure he’ll go over with you). But the problem is that the doctor cannot dictate the final outcome of the surgery. Meaning, if all goes well you’ll look a few years younger but if not then you’ll end up on an episode of botched (a show about people underwent bad plastic surgery).

So you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself a serious question is it worth it the risks?