A lot of people have tried collagen supplements and some have come to realize that not all collagen supplements actually tighten skin. There are various reasons why certain collagen supplements don’t tighten skin. Usually if you read the label of the collagen supplements it will tell you whether or not it helps reduce wrinkles, etc. if you read the entire label and you don’t see anything about reduction of wrinkles or tightening skin then you could almost be certain that this collagen supplement not help you in any way to do that. The most common type of collagen supplements you run into that don’t help reduce wrinkles happens to be type II collagen. The other type of collagen are used for cosmetic reasons like type I and type III collagen, they targets a different part of the body.

Type II collagen is predominantly used to help the body produce more cartilage which is necessary for healthy joint functions. Type I and type III collagen are great for cosmetics reasons as well as providing collagen to the essential parts of the body like your organs, hair, skin and nails. So when purchasing collagen, you need to be aware as to which type of collagen you purchasing. If you ever come across someone who says that collagen doesn’t help to reduce wrinkles the first thing you need to ask them is do, they know what type of collagen that they’ve been using and what you’ll find most common is that most people don’t know the differences between collagen types.

Another reason why some people might not see results in efforts to reduce wrinkles when taking collagen is due to the fact that they’re using cheap collagen supplements. High quality collagen supplements such as skinade will run you about $100 for a 30 day supply. Whereas supplements such as neocell collagen runs you about $10 for a 30 day supply. Just like with everything in life you get what you pay for and even though neocell brand of collagen provide some decent results there are no public clinical studies to prove those results. Skinade has publicly available results which show up to 42% increases in collagen densities. The greatest part about Skinade brand of collagen is that the older you are the more significant the results. For example the 42% increase was cited from a clinical study performed by Skinade on a woman in her mid-40s.

So you need to be very careful when selecting collagen brands if you’re specifically looking to take collagen in efforts to reduce wrinkles. There are only a few products that are proven to actually reduce wrinkles and Skinade happens to be one of them.