As you know just like with everything in life there is an appropriate time to perform certain actions and this holds true when it comes to collagen. A lot of people always ask when is the best time to start taking collagen and the answer to that question is that it is subjective. The truth of the matter is you can start taking collagen at any given time but from a financial standpoint it would be worthless if you start taking it too young when your body is already producing enough collagen as it is. This is why you rarely see young people with wrinkles and is primarily due to the fact that their body has ample collagen.

Best Time To Start

In my honest opinion the best time to start taking collagen is when you’re in your 20s and the reason why I think that this is the perfect age range is due to the fact that as you approach your mid to late 30s you might start noticing some signs of aging. But by taking collagen you can circumvent the signs of aging so that it becomes harder and harder for people to tell your actual age which is what most people want.

Now one thing I will say is that some people even when they are in the early 40s don’t show signs of aging but is primarily down to good genetics. Some people’s genetics allow them to produce higher levels of collagen even that their old age while most people don’t. Even if that’s the case with you, you still should utilize a collagen supplement because like we’ve illustrated on the homepage collagen not only helps tighten skin but it also provides essential nutrients to other organs in your body such as your heart, lungs, hair, skin and nails. It’s not uncommon to see people who neglect to take collagen develop health problems as they get older such as arthritis and osteoporosis. So no matter if you’re taking it for beauty reasons or health reasons it’s something that everyone needs to start taking, so I just wanted to put that out there.

Perfect Age

Now as far as an exact age you should start taking collagen I would say by the time you’re 25. The reason why I say this is the perfect age is due to the fact that some studies show that people start losing collagen by the age of 20 and some studies show that people start losing collagen by the age of 25 so the timeframe vary as to when people start losing collagen. Most people won’t be able to afford the best type of collagen such as Skinade because people in their early 20s are usually still paying off student loans. If you can afford it and I would recommend that you start taking collagen in your early 20s but if you’re really on a budget you can wait until you’re 25 to start taking collagen. Collagen is something that is better taken early because it makes your aging non-apparent the earlier you take it versus taking it later. But regardless of when you take it you’ll still see the benefits at the end of the day.