Collagen can be taken in many forms but one thing most people might not be aware of is that certain forms are better than others.

There are certain exercises you can do to help tighten your skin in certain areas. Here are the four top exercises that will help you tighten your skin in your neck and china area, arms as well as abs and legs.

If you aren’t aware all collagen is not the same, different types of collagen affects the body differently so it’s important to use the correct collagen to achieve your goals. There are only three types of collagen, type I, type II and type III. Products like Skinade utilize type I & III collagen which is great for cosmetic reasons as well as internal reasons. What I mean by that is these two types of collagen are known for tightening skin as well as improving your hair, skin and nails. They also provide support for your organs such as your heart, lungs, liver and the list goes on.

Another valid way (even though I don’t personally recommend) for you to tighten your skin is to have collagen injections done. Collagen injections are very similar to Botox in that it actually helps fill the sagging and wrinkly areas with collagen which makes the affected area look more plump. But as you know just like with everything there are potential side effects when it comes to any surgical procedure.

Collagen drinks are great for reducing wrinkles but the thing is not everyone can afford them right now. If that’s the case which you find yourself in there are a few alternatives that you can try. Now it won’t give you the same results that you would get from taking a collagen supplement but at least it’s better than nothing. Here is a list of the top five foods that are known for tighten your skin: